The 12-18 Wedge Press

12-18 Wedge Press

Product   Description:

Introducing the newest versatile machine from BE&SCO, The 12-18 Wedge Press! Take your tortilla, flatbread and pizza production to the next level. The 12-18 Wedge Press has an impressive list of features that can’t be beat. The latest machine release from BE&SCO will bring your production to an unbeatable level! The 12-18 Wedge Press produces a variety of sizes ranging from 4″ up to 13″ in diameter. Great for flatbreads too! The easy adjustment handle allows you to quickly switch between pressing thick or thin from 1mm up to 14mm. No sprays or oils are needed! The product seamlessly exits, providing a hassle and mess free transition.


  • Press Model Number: 12-18
  • Productivity: Produces up to 900 ready-to-cook tortillas, flatbreads or pizza shells per hour from 4" to 13" in diameter and 1mm to 14mm thickness range.
  • Electrical: 220/240V, 60 Hz, 23.4 Amps, Single Phase
  • Dimensions: 36.6"L x 18.7"W x 25.4"H
  • Shipping Weight: 200lbs.
  • Patented: 4724755, 4769252, 4751876, 4838153, 5095813, 4508025, 4569851, 4899869
  • NSF ListedETL ListedETL Listed