About us


We specialize in the manufacturing of High Performance Flatbread, Tortilla, Tamale & Pizza machines. We serve worldwide clientele in over 60 countries, offering machines that make a variety of ethnic flatbreads such as Tortillas for tacos and burritos, Pita bread, Roti, Chapati and Naan. We also make Tamale and Pizza machines! With over 50 years of service in the food industry, BE&SCO Manufacturing offers high quality machines designed for ease of use, easy maintenance, energy efficiency, food consistency, and minimal use of space.

For the Escamillas, baking runs in the family, as far back as the 1920's when Elias Escamilla Jr. worked along side his father in a large bakery shop called Alamo Baking Company. It was here that Elias got his start baking and selling delicious breads and pastries and decided to open his own bakery, Pastryland Bakery. Elias saved on operating costs by becoming a self taught repairman for his own baking equipment as well as designing and repairing equipment for various bakery establishments.

In 1965 Elias, with the help of his son, Robert decided to devote himself to his true interest, the refurbishing and designing of bakery equipment and established Bakery Equipment & Service Company. His flour tortilla machines were well received in the Mexican market place which flourished until the Great Peso Devaluation in the late 1970's.

It was in the mid 1970's that Robert ventured into designing tortilla machines for restaurant use. The Escamillas successfully spread sales of tortilla equipment across growing U.S. and overseas markets where Mexican food was quickly becoming as standard fare as hamburgers and pizza.

BE&SCO is still family owned by the Escamillas, spreading the mechanical rhythm of BE&SCO's high quality flour tortilla, tamale and pizza equipment, capturing the interest of restaurant and grocery patrons as far as Europe, Taiwan, Canada and South Africa.

High Performance

Our machines are made to last. Every machine we manufacture is of the highest standards for the industry, and we take pride in the quality that we produce.

Consistent Profit

By making your tortillas fresh, on the spot, you give your customers a lasting impression of quality and efficiency they will return for, adding to your restaurant's success.

Easily Setup & Customizable

Our tortilla machines arrive to you assembled. Add a few pieces and you are ready to go.

Small Footprint

No matter what space you have, we have a machine for you! Customize your machine to fit your space.

Single-Person Operation

Low labor costs! Only one person required to operate your machine!

Your Competetive Edge

In-house production of fresh flour tortillas and tamales will give you an edge on your competition! Customers will return for the quality and consistency of your food!